SB&W has decades of experience in MIG, TIG, SPOT, and Stick Welding

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pins and stoppers
stainless steel fluted handle
stand-on welded bracket
seat bracket
powder coated bracket
wheel fork housing
T-handle weldment
Shoe slide
Idler arm
Idler arm

SB&W specializes in custom welding & fabrication, as detailed below:

  • METAL INERT GAS (MIG) WELDING: The most common industrial welding process, MIG welding is chosen for its versatility, speed, ability to prevent oxidation, and the relative ease of adapting the process to robotic automation.
  • TUNGSTEN ARC (TIG) WELDING: This technique is used to weld sheet metal of stainless steel and low-carbon steel.. The process gives the operator greater control over the weld, resulting in in stronger, higher quality welds.Common MIG and TIG materials are low-carbon steel, stainless steel, and most aluminum, copper and steel alloys.
  • RESISTANCE SPOT WELDING: Spot welding is utilized when welding particular types of sheet metal. The welding current is concentrated into a small “spot” in order to simultaneously clamp together metal sheets. Spot welding is a common technique for bonding two pieces of sheet metal used in everyday applications, including vehicle frames, HVAC components, lawn and garden applications, and consumer appliances.Commonly associated with spot welding is another form of resistance and induction welding including weldstuds, weldsnuts, and weldbolts.
  • SHIELDED METAL ARC (STICK) WELDING: Because of its versatility and simplicity, stick welding is particularly dominant in the repair and maintenance industries, and is mainly used in the construction of steel structures and in industrial fabrication.

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