Machined Parts

SB&W has decades of experience with machined metal parts and CNC machining process

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Stainless steel pipe fittings
Hydraulic cylinder housing
Saw-blade adjustment screw
Axels, bearings, and nuts machined parts

Machining capabilities

SB&W can help you with all your machining needs, whether you need CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining for tight tolerance or regular machining (rotational or non-rotational) with drilling or milling, including multi-axis machines for three or more axes.

Let us help you decide which machining process best suits your needs. Give us a call about your next machining job at 1-800-450-4679 or get a fast quote now.

Metal parts machining techniques

The two main kinds of machining are:

  • Rotational: The metal object is rotated on a lathe while the tool is
    stationary, resulting in symmetrical shapes.
  • Non-rotational: The metal object is held in place by clamps and the tool is turned around it, involving:
    • Drilling: The rotating tool is inserted into material with cutting edges only on the end of the tool.
    • Milling: Material is positioned with a rotating tool that has multiple cutting edges that remove material.

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