SB&W has decades of experience in die castings, steel casting, and sand casting

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Deck hanger and chain
Hydraulic tank
Air fitting
Plated door hardware
Hydraulic tank casting
Electric fitting
Multi-use packaged tie-downs

SB&W specializes in custom component castings, including stainless, aluminum alloys, gray iron, ductile iron, steel, brass, zinc alloys, and magnesium. We offer you castings of world-class quality, with highly competitive pricing, and excellent lead times.Unlike machining or fabrication, casting is a complex operation that requires tight process control, knowledge of chemistry, and complicated metrology infrastructures. Most importantly, we have extensive understanding of different casting capabilities and processes. Along with a close working partnership with your team, our partners allow you to produce highly reliable castings for the lowest possible cost.

For example, does a part need second stress-relieving process after proof-machining? What measurements need to be performed and captured?  SB&W’s skilled staff will analyze all processes and procedures, bringing together responsible parties to ensure successful implementation.

Each different casting method determines the characteristics of the resulting products: surface finish, strength, dimensional tolerance (as cast), size range, draft angles, minimum wall thickness, and radii. Our custom component castings manufacturing team will work with you to determine the most appropriate methods to deliver the best product quality at the most competitive cost.


We can take customer-supplied 3D models (IGS, CAD or similar) along with customer part samples and prints and use them to develop the tooling and patterns required to develop the finished part. This ensures that your design intent is reflected exactly in the castings that are produced.


Pouring a raw casting is first step in creating the finished product.  In most cases, machining operations are necessary.  In some cases, machining is done in two steps: initial machining and final machining, with another stress-relieving step in between to remove machining stresses.


SB&W offers complete testing, including material, physical, destructive testing, along with common yield and tensile testing, as well as any testing process specified by the customer.  to ensure that your castings are of the highest quality.

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